Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Diabetes affects the lives of approximately 30.2 million US adults and children, and if not properly managed, the disease can cause a number of serious health complications, such as: heart disease, stroke, blindness/vision problems, kidney disease, and so much more.

Anyone who has diabetes either cannot produce enough insulin in their body to properly turn the glucose from food that they eat into energy, or they cannot utilize the insulin that their body produces to keep blood sugar levels at normal levels.

Although injecting insulin on a regular basis is a major part of managing diabetes, checking one’s blood glucose levels is extremely important. Unless a diabetic consistently checks their blood glucose levels with a reliable blood glucose monitoring system, then they’re not only in danger of experiencing severe health complications, but they could also be in danger of losing their lives.

This, amongst many reasons, is why looking into the Bayer Breeze2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System is extremely beneficial, as it’s easy to use and provides accurate readings to ensure that the user is managing their diabetes properly and with peace of mind.

The many benefits and features of the Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System include:

  • Accurate results that appear within a 5 second time frame
  • Zero coding for fewer steps in blood glucose level testing
  • Multiple testing sites on the body (finger, forearm, palm, thigh, or abdomen)
  • Capacity to store information for up to 420 tests
  • Downloadable results on your computer
  • 7, 14, or 30-day glucose readings
  • Requires only 1 microliter sample of blood for testing
  • 10 testing strips in 1 disk

The Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System is ideal for not just those with diabetes, but also for those with limited dexterity due to arthritis. In fact, the Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System has even earned the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

There are many blood glucose monitoring systems to choose from, though for those with diabetes, the top priorities for choosing the right system should be the level of accuracy, precision, quality, and speed by which the readings are presented.

The Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit includes:

  • The Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Testing Meter
  • Quick reference guide
  • Carrying case
  • Warranty card
  • Clinilog record diary
  • User guide
  • The Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips - Box of 100
  • 2.5 ml vial of the Bayer Breeze 2 Glucose Control Solution
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