What is An Ankle Brace and What Are its Benefits?

People that engage in fast-paced physical activity on a regular basis are in constant danger of experiencing an injury in one form of another. Usually for those that participate in sports and other basic physical activities like basketball, soccer, football, tennis, dancing, running, speed walking, etc., injuries are all too common and always require the right treatment.

Of these injuries that occur when engaging in these types of activities, ankle-related injuries are by far the most common. Any explosive, sudden movement where the foot directs itself in an abnormal position can easily lead to ligament damage in the ankle. Once this happens, an ankle brace can be extremely beneficial.

An ankle brace is a garment used to immobilize the ankle’s joints after an ankle injury or to prevent an injury from occurring. Typically made up of a number of different fabrics, such as neoprene or nylon, ankle braces provide a specific level of heat, support, and compression as to ensure the ankle’s point of fixation.

There are many benefits for wearing ankle braces, especially for those that regularly engage in strenuous physical activity. Given the fact that ankle-related injuries are so common, it’s of paramount importance that the right ankle brace is worn as to prevent from an ankle-related injury.

Stabilizing the level of mobility of the ankle is the number one priority in protecting the ankle from twisting improperly, which can lead to a sprain, strain, fracture, or full break of the ankle bone. In order to keep the ankle protected from experiencing an injury at any given time, wearing an ankle brace is your best bet.

Main Types of Ankle Braces and Their Purposes

There are many types of ankle braces that are customized and designed for the wearer’s needs. Low profile and lightweight ankle braces are perfect for anyone that desires a superior balance of functionality, fitted-style, comfort, support, compression, durability, and overall ease-of-use.

All ankle braces serve a similar purpose in that they keep the ankle protected during any type of physical activity through their ability to limit the mobility of the ankle to prevent from injuries. Certain ankle braces, despite all utilized for similar reasons, can be made up of different fabrics and materials that serve specific purposes. The main types of ankle braces available are hinged-style ankle braces and lace-up style ankle braces.

Hinged-style ankle braces allow for a full range of motion of the ankle while providing support and compression necessary to prevent from injuries. This particular kind of ankle brace moves with the ankle joint, not against it. This aids in its ability to protect the ankle from twisting or turning improperly while allowing for a full natural range of motion so that the wearer isn’t as restricted when engaging in their physical activity.

A lace-up style ankle brace, on the other hand, restricts all range of motion for the ankle. It provides more support and compression to the ankle, though it causes the wearer to be much more limited in overall ankle movement.

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