Solus V2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Diabetes is a very common disease, especially in the American population. Given the steady increase of obesity rates amongst American children and adults, over 30.3 million Americans are diabetic.

Diabetes, although being a highly manageable disease in which the body cannot properly break down blood sugar (glucose) levels in the food that we eat to turn into usable energy throughout the day, can lead to a series of severe health complications if not properly managed.

Some of the major health complications that may occur as a result of having diabetes for a prolonged period of time or if one neglects their disease include: stroke, kidney failure, heart disease, lower-limb amputations, nerve damage, urological problems, dental disease, blindness/vision impairment (glaucoma), and even death.

Diabetes is the number one cause of adult on-set blindness and severe vision impairment (commonly known as glaucoma). For diabetics with a vision impairment, it is crucial that they use a blood glucose testing meter that provides fast and accurate results in a way that prevents them from making an error when testing their blood glucose levels.

Luckily for these individuals, the Solus V2 Blood Glucose Testing Meter provides the perfect solution! With its fully audible features, easy-to-navigate functionality, and personalized settings, this meter is ideal for diabetics that have been afflicted vision impairment due to the disease.

The many specifications, features, and benefits of the Solus V2 Blood Glucose Testing Meter include:

  • Full audible bilingual settings (in both English and Spanish)
  • 8 volume settings
  • 0.7 microliter blood sample requirement
  • 6-second test result delivery
  • Large display screen for easy-to-read results
  • Before-and-after meal indicators
  • 500 test result memory capacity
  • Alternate bodily site testing
  • Zero coding
  • 7, 14, 28, 60, and 90-day memory result averaging
  • USB cable connectivity to manage and record data of test results on your computer
  • Alert functions to when blood glucose levels are not within healthy range (too high or too low)
  • Alarm reminders for memory recall
  • Compatible with the Solus V2 Blood Glucose Testing Strips

The Solus V2 Blood Glucose Testing Meter is a breakthrough device for visually impaired diabetics as it guides the user through the testing process through clear and easy-to-understand voice function. It also reads the date, time, and accurate blood glucose level results out loud so that the user doesn’t need to worry about viewing their results on the display screen.

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